Android phones

android phones

Smart phone users are continuously choosing android over windows phone. There are many reasons why people prefer android over windows. Smartphones are about making life easy, and that is why they are called smartphones in the first place. When buying a smart phone, it is only fair to look for one that will serve your needs without much trouble. The truth is that the Android phone version is one of the most reliable versions that we have today. Windows phones are still struggling to penetrate the already android dominated version.

Why people prefer android phones

Variety of phones

One thing that you must like about android phones is theandroid phone variety that is available. You can get any phone that you want. The models available in android version are uncountable, and you are not limited to any particular model. Buyers are always happy when given an opportunity to choose, and this is what Android offers. On the other hand, windows phones are few in the market, and the buyer is restricted only to a few models to choose.

Easy to customize

When you buy an android phone, you have the freedom to customize it and make it suit your needs. For instance, when you go to the play store application, you can choose apps to make your phone personal. If you feel that the keyboard that comes with the phone is boring, you can always download a third-party keyboard. These are some of the things that you will never enjoy when you buy a windows phone.

You will always get more

Android phones always have advanced features when compared with other phones. For instance, when comparing Samsung Galaxy S8 to iPhone X, you will notice the difference. The Samsung phone which is an Android version has a bigger screen, bigger memory, and other additional features. You will always get more features at a lower cost.

Unlimited mobile applications

With Android phones, you get to enjoy the unlimited mobile application. The Google play store has mobile apps for almost everything, and most of the apps are free to download. Most of the apps are compatible with Android phones, and you get the opportunity to experience playing games and also to use the mobile apps for your various needs.

android phones

Easy to manage

The simple reason why many people buy Android phones is that they are easy to manage. You don’t have to worry about the constant need to upgrade. The user interface is also very simple to operate.